Staff Handbook

 Welcome to Just Teach

Welcome to Just Teach Supply Services. We hope that you will find this booklet informative and feel confident that you have chosen to be a part of a professional and caring agency, which offers all their staff that personal touch.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for choosing to work with Just Teach Supply Services. We know that you will enjoy working alongside us to provide the best education possible in our partner schools.
Just Teach Supply Services offer the highest possible standard of supply teaching staff and we pride ourselves on offering a personable, friendly and efficient service to both our candidates and client schools. We work closely with you and our schools to ensure that we meet the requirements of both parties.
When a school requires us to place a teacher or member of support staff in one of their classrooms, we want to ensure that they have a suitable, qualified, professional individual who can carry out their duties effectively.
At Just Teach Supply Services our consultants are experienced teachers. We therefore have an excellent knowledge of our partner schools’ needs and can offer helpful advice on individual schools.
As many schools now use mobile technology as integral part of their day to day teaching, we offer every new recruit bespoke iPad training. This will be tailored to your individual needs to ensure that you will be able to meet the new demands of a digital curriculum.
We sincerely hope that you will enjoy working for Just Teach Supply Services. We are always ready and available for any questions you may have. Also feel free to use our website to view your work diary.

Kind Regards.

Just Teach.

Just Teach Teaching Services


1. Registration

  • Interview process
  • Vetting procedures
  • Document checklist

2. What is supply cover?

3. Continuing Professional Development

4. Schools

  • The National Curriculum

5. How to make your Supply Teaching Experience work for you:

  • Fitness to practise
  • Minimum Standards

6. Policies Outlined

  • Behaviour Management
  • Complaint Handling
  • Incident Reporting

7. Continuing Professional Development


Each candidate is required to complete a registration form covering his or her personal details, education, work experience and health; this also includes a signed declaration that these facts are correct. This information is used to collect the names of referees alongside the necessary safeguarding requirements.


All candidates attend a face-to-face interview with a member of our recruitment team. This interview enables us to make a good assessment of your suitability for supply work and provides an opportunity for us to discuss the requirements needed. The face-to-face interview is also used to collect all the original documents we require as proof of identity, residence, qualifications and criminal background checks.

Teacher Requirements

Relevant degree level teaching qualification.
Full registration with the General Teaching Council.
Two references of professional teaching experience covering the last two-year period.
Proof of identity (passport/birth certificate/driving licence).
2 proofs of address (within the last 3 months).
Enhanced Criminal Records Bureau Disclosure check.

Cover Staff Requirements (Nursery Nurses/Teaching Assistants)
Two references covering the last two year period.
Relevant qualifications.
Proof of identity (passport/birth certificate/driving licence).
2 proofs of address (within the last 3 months).
Enhanced Criminal Records Bureau Disclosure check.

What is Supply Cover?

Supply Teaching

Just Teach Supply Services aim to provide high quality, experienced individuals who can confidently provide a valued level of supply cover.

Day to day supply cover is required to cover daily sickness, general absence, training days and school trips. Schools will generally look for either classroom management or subject specialists as being the most important factor for a daily supply teacher.

Finding day to day work

The more contact you have with your Just Teach consultant, the better. We will know when you are/are not available for work and send you (ideally) to a school within an hour of where you live that has a need cover for that day either generally or within your specific field.

General Teaching Roles and Responsibilities

Class teacher’s responsibilities include:

Planning and preparation.
Meeting the needs of all pupils.
Setting and marking the work.
Assessing, recording and reporting on the development, progress and attainment of pupils.
Promoting the well being of individual pupils.
Maintaining good order and discipline among the pupils and safeguarding their health and safety.
Teaching Assistant responsibilities include:
Meeting the needs of all pupils.
Promoting the well being of individual pupils.
Maintaining good order and discipline among the pupils and safeguarding their health and safety

We currently offer the following continuing professional development courses.

iPad training

We offer a range of bespoke iPad training courses that offer our new recruits a tailored programme that meets both their ability and needs. As many schools now widely use mobile technology as an integrated part of their day this is a very important skill that all individuals within the classroom will need in a digital future.

Behaviour Management

Unruly behaviour is a major reason why so many people are leaving the teaching profession. We offer simple and effective strategies to cope with ever increasing challenging behaviour of pupils.

Age Stage Year Test/Qualifications undertaken by pupils

4-5 Foundation Nursery
6-7 Key Stage 1
Year 1
Year 2

National tests and tasks in English and Mathematics.

10-11 Key Stage 2 Year 3
Year 4
Year 5
Year 6

National tests and tasks in English, Mathematics and Science.

13-14 Key Stage 3 Year 7
Year 8
Year 9

National tests and tasks in English, Mathematics and Science.

15-16 Key Stage 4 Year 10
Year 11
Some children take GCSEs
Most children take GCSEs or other national qualifications.

The following document contains the programmes of study for each key stage, together with attainment targets and level descriptors.


How to make your Supply Experience work for you

Fitness to practice

It is important for your own health that you are fit to practice whenever you attend our schools. You must declare your fitness to practice or otherwise when you accept an assignment. You MUST also let us know if you are pregnant. If you are concerned that your assignment involves unnecessary risks to your health or fitness, or that of your unborn child, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you are pregnant we are required to perform a health and risk assessment for all expectant mothers.

Minimum Professional Standards

Whilst this handbook outlines the Just Teach policies and standards, these do not supersede the national guidelines of the GTCW.
Further information is available from the GTCW website, www.gtce.org.uk/standards/
We are committed to providing our schools with a quality service.
So what constitutes a ‘quality’ service?
Arriving at schools on time. If you think you may be late, please contact Just Teach as soon as possible. We will then contact the school to inform them of your arrival time.
Dressing smartly.
Introducing yourself to the necessary authority in the school. Be polite and courteous to all staff, pupils and visitors to the school.
Offer to cover break times or any other additional responsibilities.
Fulfilling your professional role with care and commitment.
Leaving the classroom tidy at the end of each lesson or day.
Use the Just Teach Class Information Form to communicate with the absent teacher in writing of any incidents or relevant information regarding the events of the day. This may include classwork or behaviour.
Ensure you wear the ID badge provided to you by Just Teach.
Not leaving the school immediately after the final bell.
Not leaving before saying farewell and thanks to the necessary authority in the school.
No use of mobile phones, laptops or own cameras.
Remember a smile goes a long way!
Confidentiality is paramount. Any employee of Just Teach Teaching Services who are found discussing details of any schools they work in, through any networking websites, will have their contract terminated.
Supply Cover Class Information Form-Teachers Only
Every Supply Teacher will be provided with a Just Teach Class Information Form. This will allow the supply teacher to communicate with the absent teacher about work completed/not completed, any behaviour issues and any other relevant information specific to the class covered.
Teacher and Teaching Assistant Performance Summary
We do require all schools to fill out a performance summary based on your work for the day. This will be emailed to us in the office and any relevant feedback will certainly be passed directly to you from your consultant.

Policies Outlined

Behaviour Management

It has been recognised for some time that workers in a school setting work within an environment where there is potential for unexpected and excessive/unruly behaviour. Violence and aggression can be defined as including the following circumstances:
Minor assaults including situations including physical contact and/or injuries occur which require first aid treatment.
Threats with an offensive weapon without physical injury.
Aggravated assault resulting in injury requiring medical assistance.
Threatening behaviour, which could include verbal abuse or threats and fear arsing from damage to the physical environment.
Assault resulting in serious injury and/or death.

Any violent, abusive or threatening behaviour is unacceptable. You must report any incident immediately to the person in charge and also to your consultant at Just Teach Teaching Services. The establishment where you have been assigned to will have policies for dealing with such incidents and an incident report form should be completed both at the place of work and at Just Teach Teaching Services. Remember, all staff members have an obligation under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 to have regard for their own health, safety and welfare at work, and that of others who may be affected by their acts or omissions.

Complaint Handling

Just Teach will attempt to resolve any complaint made by a candidate/school as soon as it is received. The complaint will be logged on the database under the candidate or school’s file. The relevant consultant will be called to deal with query verbally and offer a solution to the candidate or school. Where a consultant is unable to deal with the query, the candidate or client will be requested to put the complaint in writing. At this point we will send the candidate or school a letter acknowledging their complaint, which will explain our procedures and inform the candidate or school the name of the person who will be dealing with the complaint. The candidate or school can expect to receive this letter within 48 hours of us receiving the complaint. Just Teach will then investigate the complaint.

Incident Reporting

Under the management of Health and Safety Regulations of 1992, you have a legal duty of care to report all accidents, incidents and near misses. These regulations impose a duty on employers to perform risk assessments on all work activities. If during the course of your work you identify a risk to the health, safety and welfare of your own personal safety, and/or that of your colleagues/students, you have a duty to report this. In the first instance it should be reported to the person in charge of the establishment to which you are assigned, and to your consultant at Just Teach Supply Services. An incident report form will be completed by the supply worker and forwarded to the Just Teach agency. Just Teach will liaise with the school to ensure that the headteacher has been informed of the reported incident.